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5.0 star rating Kate from Cincinnati, Ohio


Quite surprised there's no reviews posted about this show. I've been an Eddie Izzard fan since 98 or 99 when I first saw Dress to Kill. It was and still is the best stand up act I've ever seen. I saw him a few years back at the Taft and loved it, but my seats were crap. This time I made certain I was right up front. Great show. My cheeks and belly hurt from laughter . The bit about Welsh and Indian accents really had me going. I had tears!!!!!! I always said that if I became terminally ill ( I'm a morbid cow), I would want to meet this man and I thought maybe it would happen during the Q & A session afterward , but no such luck . The man is my idol! Great show Eddie!!! Thanks for passing through . Hope to see ya again .

5.0 star rating Nora from Denver, Colorado


I have been an Eddie fan for years but never had the privilege of seeing him perform in person. Last night in Denver at the Paramount theater my dream came true of seeing him live and in person. We Had front row seats And the show was amazing. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much. Eddie's humor and insight into The human condition is hilarious. The man is wicked smart and amazingly talented. If you ever get the chance to see him perform in person, GO. I hope he doesn't wait so long to come back to Denver again. Thank you Nick for sharing the experience with me.

5.0 star rating L.Mossburg from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This dear caring talented person is one of the most beautiful gifts the Arts have been given. He was at his best Wish more could have seen him.

5.0 star rating L from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The show and venue were perfect! Restaurants nearby were wonderful ! I only wish more people could have seen it!

5.0 star rating Pippa Smith from Johannesburg, South Africa


I saw Eddie Izzard in Johannesburg, South Africa- The hall was packed and within a few minutes we were howling,laughing , chortling and marveling at his clever segues from one subject to another. Roman numerals segued into ...whatever( a few years ago now) Smart, clever comedy . Don't miss it.

5.0 star rating Kat from Manhattan South, New York


Rapid-fire patter, evocative characters (some familiar), edged with the currents of political and social life here in the US and in the chronically exiting Britain. Audience was rapt, responses hearty, and performance was a sheer delight. New York loves the Izzard.

5.0 star rating Wendy D. from Champaign, Illinois


I have been a fan of Eddie since Unrepeatable! This year for my birthday my daughter surprised me with tickets to see Eddie at the Chicago Theatre. It's this Friday and I cannot wait!!!! I'm taking my Bestie and I already know we're gonna have a ball! I already know I will not be disappointed!!! Never do you expect to laugh so much as well a learn a bit of history! Eddie is my all time favorite!! If you ever get the chance, go see him! or at the very least, get his DVD's! You will not regret it!

5.0 star rating Lilly from Chicago, Illinois


I've seen Eddie twice now, and each time has been a complete delight. He's incredibly smart and quick while also dropping beautiful sentiments about life. I would never miss a chance to see him in any city!

5.0 star rating Dr. DeBoze from Los Angeles, California


Saw "Wunderbar" at the Dolby Theatre Thursday night, June 27th, 2019. Third time seeing him "live". A couple of VERY important tips: Get tickets EARLY so that you can be up front. It's imperative to be able to SEE his facial expressions and be able to CLEARLY HEAR what he is saying. We skipped his last L.A. show at the Hollywood Bowl for just these reasons. Take my word for's IMPORTANT. As for the new show? Eddie tears it up as usual...there is NO ONE working with his level of intelligence and sheer Comic Genius. I may have to wear "Depends" next time...I just about pissed myself laughing more than once! And my facial muscles are still sore from laughter. Thank YOU, Eddie! P.S. ~ I can't believe that the LA Times didn't do a "Calendar" piece, an interview, or even a REVIEW of the show...I may have to cancel my subscription!

5.0 star rating Sam from Seattle, Washington


He is a comedic genius and all that is good about humans. I laughed until I cried. Have seen him several times and was disappointed with his book tour show, so was hoping he was back to form for this go round. He did not disappoint! I would go see Wunderbar again if I had the opportunity. He’s saying this is his last tour before heading into politics, so if your a fan...go!

5.0 star rating Shanon from Seattle, Washington


have been following Eddie, since I saw his Dressed to Kill act via DVD rental. Just love him. Went to the 3rd show at the Paramount - He was dressed to the nines in a blue plaid skirt, black leather jacket and stiletto boots for the 1st set and then in black short short outfit for the last bit. Some parts dragged (ha ha) a bit - but all in all I was laughing through the whole show. Highly recommend seeing Eddie in person!

4.0 star rating Greyhound37 from Detroit, Michigan


Eddie was fan-f%cking-tastic. Loved the material, been wanting to see him for years and grateful that we were finally able to do it. Bit of a disappointment he's no longer doing the bit in drag, but I suppose that's the price he has to pay to run for office :( Absolutely loved the bit with the talking chicken/Marc Antony. Brilliant! About the only downside to the show (thus making my rating 4, not 5) was that it was often difficult to hear/understand what he was saying - especially during the first half of the show. Having watched many of this shows in the past, I was aware that his delivery can often be under his breath and sometimes harder to make out, but this was just bad. I feel that if there were speakers behind us or if the reverb were turned down a bit it would have helped. It appeared that something was done during intermission to reduce the echo in the speakers and made it much more enjoyable during the 2nd half. Others around us agreed.

4.0 star rating Tara from Cleveland, Ohio


It pains me to say it as I've been a fan since the time Eddie's show videos were only available on VHS, but I wasn't blown away by his performance in Cleveland. Had 3rd row seats & it was nearly impossible to hear what he was saying -- critical given his rapid-fire delivery and ever outrageous & meandering thought process which of course is what makes him so darned funny. I will say, however, whether it's the marathon-ing or the swimming he alluded to, he's never been in such great physical shape. Was hard to keep your eyes off the most gorgeous gams I've ever seen which of course were full-on display during the first half when he wore a cute little flippy blue kilt number and the second half when he strode out coy-fully in black fishnets, red ruby Dorothy-esque heels, and a pair of very cropped black "hot pants." Still appreciated the opportunity to catch him live but am hoping somewhere down the line there will be a video of the Wunderbar tour so I can see/hear what I missed. :(

3.0 star rating Comedy_no_politics from Houston, Texas


I found the first half funny but the second half was kind of drawn out and I was bored by his constant political comments, I did not pay good money to attend a of luck to him in his quest to be mayor of London but keep politics out of the show - kinda ruined it for me.

3.0 star rating Cee Lee from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Long time fan. Second time seeing live. Charismatic as expected . The material was weak and disjointed. Devoid of biting satire he's known for. Sound was garbled in the first act. He was still charismatic, energetic and his tangents were more interesting than the prepared material. Sorry. Wish it were better.

3.0 star rating Linda from Dallas, Texas


I love Eddie, and he is looking DAMN amazing these days. But Wunderbar had no internal cohesion; it felt like just a convenient word to end on. Eddie's schtick has gotten a bit predictable: The back-and-forth conversations, mumbling stream of consciousness (which I'm not sure isn't scripted -- hard to say), various accents and languages, oral sound effects, and now to that he's added extra preachiness. I agree with him on every issue I can think of, mind you. But Trump/Hitler jokes are easy and cliche, and this isn't a political rally. I want a fair world too; but I don't want to be lectured too. So my husband and I were disappointed. We smiled a lot, but had only a few true laughs. Too many cringes.

3.0 star rating from Phoenix, Arizona


Have been a fan for awhile, but could not say if material was great or not since delivery seemed to be to the floor next to him or even behind him. I think I missed at least half of the show. Sat in first 10 rows in orchestra and sadly, I think it was a waste of time and money. Venue at Orpheum is great. Noticed some people leaving at intermission. Either they got tired of the politics or could not hear, as I notices I was not alone in this.

2.0 star rating Pamela from Orange County, California


I love Eddie Izzard and I found last night's performance to be a mix of watching someone share their vacation photos with you (that you didn't ask to see) mixed with a Book Tour promotion. I honestly thought this would be more about his comedy than his autobiography -- so I am disappointed. I did enjoy the Q&A part and wished that was a bit longer (and possibly filled with better questions) because that was Eddie Izzard being his funny self. I was thrilled he was coming to town - but I ended up leaving before the very end because it got a little preachy. I just needed a night of laughter and the zainy humor that Eddie Izzard is best known for providing - but I guess I'll have to get that on HBO or something. Not a great evening.

2.0 star rating Cheryl from Ft Worth, tx


I love Eddie, seen him 6 times live, but this didn't do it for me. I managed to chuckle a few times. Didn't stay till it ended. Still a fan, but I might be done attending his live performances. Goes to show, he can't please everyone all the time. Upper seats in the house at Majestic.....prepare to sweat. Otherwise great venue.

2.0 star rating SusanMJ from Los Angeles, California


Been an Eddie Izzard fan for years. Wunderbar does not live up to previous tours. It simply was not funny. Didn't flow. He seemed distracted, while unsuccessfully trying to tie things together. Numerous people were commenting they couldn't understand him frequently. To garbled, so we lost some of the content

1.0 star rating C.Jones from Costa Mesa, California


I had such high hopes sitting in my very expensive 5th row center seats, and being a fan for years - quoting cake or death ad naseum to whoever would listen... So I’m heartbroken to say the Believe Me show on 2/21/18 at the Segerstrom Center, Costa Mesa CA, was the worst comedy performance I have eleven seen. Eddie Izzard was late, dresses like an Irvine soccer mom, and adlibbed the whole show, mostly at an incoherent mumbled. The routine was not funny, structured without comedic thought, and peppered with various thoughts on sexuality, politics, spiritual beliefs, and philanthropy that had little detail, continuity or depth. If he thought he could winging, or endless family pics and an interactive map was funny - he is dead wrong. This was the worst performance by a professional entertainer I have ever seen, and it pains me deeply to say that.

1.0 star rating Tom Bass from Nashville, Tennessee


I’m a huge fan but tonight I felt insulted and force fed sub-par insight on a shallow perspective pawned off as comedy. The brilliance has been left aside . No hall of fame plays tonight. Ryman Auditorium, VE DAY 2019.

1.0 star rating Arthur from New York, New York


It had been 20 years since I had last seen Eddie Izzard live. Though I expected more this time around it felt like less. I chuckled twice in the entire duration of this show - Eddie seemed almost bored to have to be in New York. While one’s background can make for humor Izzard’s life stories didn’t seem particularly unique. His whole dialogue seemed to revolve around random occurrences that had no lesson other than that they happened to Eddie. It was charming to hear his multilingual dialogue but shouldn’t it have been for a bigger purpose than to try and impress the audience? There seemed no other reason to ramble on about earlier shows on his tour. Shouldn’t he just have focused on those who were paying to watch him on the night? Apparently, not. A political career in Britain’s Labour Party beckons, Eddie told us in what was the most interesting part of his show. Yes, Brexit is a shambles but Eddie seems to have some passion for politics. It came through. But nothing else did. Poor.

1.0 star rating John Inglis from San Diego, California


Honestly, I sat in a surreal world for the first half of this show. I felt really strangely awkward. I’m thinking “ am I going deaf?”. “Do I no longer understand people from where I come from?” “Has he forgotten that he should be talking to the back row not the front?” “Was there a last minute problem with the sound system that is causing him to use a hand held microphone?” “Why are some people laughing when I didn’t understand what was said?” I felt so bad for my wife who bought these tickets for us and didn’t seem to be enjoying this either. I decided to grin and bear it for her. At the intermission, she says “can you understand him?” I said, “sorry no.” She says I can’t hear 85% of what’s being said and I think the volume is probably fine but he mumbles a lot and doesn’t speak directly into the microphone.” And there you have it. As we left at the intermission to go home, we ride up the elevator with some people to the car. Topic of conversation? His constituents won’t be heard!

1.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


I have never seen anyone funnier or with better material than Eddie Izzard in Dress to Kill. Yet, I have never seen him come near that in his subsequent performances. I literally walked out of Wunderbar after 10 min of his idiosyncrasies, that are hilarious in context and not when there is no real material. He did say he did the show mostly for himself. I guess it is true, but thousands of people came out, spent money, drove, parked and walked through the crappiest neighborhood in the City to see him and he did not deliver. He just wasn't funny. What a shame.

1.0 star rating David Bennett from San Francisco, California


Not very funny. Thought it would be funny but seemed like the audience was forcing the laughing. Would not recommend this show.

1.0 star rating Sheila from Seattle, WA


I've been a fan for a long time, but I've never seen Eddie live. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear much of what he was saying due to his penchant for mumbling. I had decent enough seats, so my location shouldn't have been an issue. What I did hear was disjointed and not really compelling. I felt like he was rambling and not trying to take the audience anywhere. His political stuff was not particularly insightful. Simply saying one hates a certain person isn't comedy. I wish him the best, but I won't pay to see him again. We left at intermission, disappointed to have wasted so much money.

1.0 star rating Jennifer from Seattle, Washington


I was ridiculously excited to see my first live show, after seeing almost all of his previous routines. Within the first ten minutes, I was ready to walk out. He had very little new material. Every now and then he’d deliver a good laugh, but most of the time, it was just a sort of “wink wink nudge nudge” reference to his earlier stuff. It felt like he knows he’s so big now that the audience will laugh at whatever he says, so there’s no need to really work on more material. It was plain lazy — and incoherent, to boot. I think he’s more focused on his political career at this point; that would explain why the first 20 minutes was essentially a stump speech for his upcoming Parliament run. He can do so much better than this.


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