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The Mavericks Reviews


Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 33



5.0 star rating from Austin, Texas


Saw the mavericks at Gruene Sunday night, 11/4. They were super, as always...Raul's voice, Eddie's riffs, Jerry's keyboards, Lorenzo's trumpet...what a sound smorgasbord! And best of all, they make you feel they are having as much fun as you are! I truly hope they keep touring in Texas forever.

5.0 star rating Pete Stoll from San Antonio, Texas


Just saw the Mavericks at Gruene last evening. Excellent show, Raul was excellent. The sound was great and the beer flowed. Songs brought back memories. If you haven’t seen them , you must !!!!

5.0 star rating Paul from Wilmington,, North Carolina


Great show. I love the mix of there set list. It rain just before and it just added to the atmosphere and brought the crowd closer. The Mavericks really entertain. Got everyone singing and dancing. What a tight band, Raul's voice was great, and the Horns outstanding! Listening to them now as I'm writing this review. They played Us and Them by Pink Floyd. what! A must see good time, Highly recommend seeing them.

5.0 star rating RV from Denver, Colorado


Excellent concert at an excellent venue. The band was totally into the crowd, and vice versa. Seemed like the people didn't want it to end, nor did the Mavericks. Great sound, and a great evening of music.

5.0 star rating Mike & Carol from Millarville, Alberta


We saw the Mavericks for the first time over 20 years ago in England, and several tiimes since. Last night was the best they have ever been and we went home happy and feeling good. They work so hard in their performance , respecting the fans who appreciate good music. Thank you so much guys, keep going please - we can’t wait to see you again. Live music rocks!

5.0 star rating Barry & Lindsey from Calgary, Alberta


The Mavericks show at the Jubilee was definitely a five Star performance. I don't agree with the review that said the sound was poor. They were loud and the sound was perfect once the first 3 or 4 songs were done. It always takes the sound guys a few songs to tweek everything. Once that was done the show was amazing!! Very talented musicians. great horns, and Who would of thought an Accordion solo would be that entertaining. As usual Raul Malo's voice was pitch perfect . The band had the entire place dancing for most of the concert. Not a lot of bands have the ability to do that. It looked like the band was having at least as much fun as the audience, maybe more. Hats off to the Mavericks getting better with age.

5.0 star rating DL from Washington, District of Columbia


Great show at the historic Lincoln Theater at 13th & U St in Washington,DC. Great sound at this theater. Had 1st row balcony so did not have to stand all night like those in the orchestra seats :) - Excellent set list and Raul in great voice. They played just about everything from all aspects of their career. Raul had several nice solos and of course did Eddie. Great energy. Crowd into it on a Friday night. Even ended with Back in the USSR. Great! Horn players tight with excellent solos and accordian player fantastic. Bravo. They played around 2 hrs 20 minutes.

5.0 star rating from Oxford,mi.


My wife and loved the show they go out out of their way to make the crowd part of the show we will go again!

5.0 star rating from Brewster, New York


The 30th anniversary Mavericks show at the Beacon Theater in NYC on June 8th was amazing. The Mavericks were "Electric". Each member of the group displayed incredible music talent and collectively they had many of the audience standing and dancing. A great show with the Mavericks demonstrating their amazing talent and enthusiasm.

5.0 star rating Chris Doubleday from Des Moines, Iowa


Wow! How can we explain the greatest live band we've ever seen? A band that plays country, rock, blues, big band, polka, Tex/Mex, you name it. We put the Mavericks above even Chicago. Just an incredible, extremely entertaining show from start to finish at Hoyt Sherman in Des Moines. If you see no one else this year, go see the Mavericks. It is truly not just the Raul Malo show at all. Each and every band member is a super star whom holds his own. Long live the Mavericks!!!

5.0 star rating Sherri from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Mostly I'm responding to the reviewer who thought Raul should not have told some crowd member to "Shut the F up!" I totally support him as I was on the second level and could hear these people talking. It was disrupting and that behavior belongs in a rowdy bar. Raul was about to sing "Blue Moon", which I believe he sang at Carnegie Hall, honoring Willie Nelson. Come on, this guy is a gem and deserves respect. I actually thought he might have not enjoyed himself as much because of this. The show, of course, was great on every level.

5.0 star rating Baxter and Mary Hayes from Charleston, South Carolina


Thursday night November 4 2021 Charleston Music Hall Ok ,we are 70 years young .Charleston SC is a cool place to visit but we came for the Mavericks ! Lights ,Cameras, action. The show started with a stirring blast of Offenbach’s Can Can ,us old peps (all there) jumped out of our seats an did our best to remain dancing in the streets the entire night .New music and old mixed wonderfully. Stunning performance by Raul of Willie Nelson’s Angels Flying to close to the ground. I am sure ,would have brought The great One to tears ! Neil Young’s Harvest Moon was soulful and unique.The band was tight with individual solos that brought the house down including a crazy three man dance sync stomping good time for all ! Out side a windy cold front arrived but the Mavericks brought the heat . Could it have been better? Sure ! More Music and more dancing !! The night was pure Joy and we all left happy. After the last two years without it ,live music brought back laughing , smile’s of joy and hope for a return to normal.

5.0 star rating Paul Watson from Sharpsburg MD


Hello so, I saw the Mavericks in 90 or 91 sh at blackies in VA and thought they were awesome but, my wife just won tickets for last weekend April of 2022..and OMG... NOW I AM A PERFORMING MUSICIAN and they blew me away.. I have seen ozz y, the cult, Travis, Keith Urban, Ted N and these guys today are the best I've ever seen...they were the tightest band I've ever heard ever...I saw them a week ago and I'm still googling their live shows to hear them...AMAZING....anybody puts a negative review is a new age preppy ass that doesn't appreciate great musicians...I would do anything to see them again with my guys are incredible...and, the lead singer and Eddy are my idol for sure...the best showmanship ever...

5.0 star rating Fred Rumble from Nanaimo, BC


These guys are the real deal. no click tracks no backing tracks -a real band tex mex grooves that just won't quite. Talented soloists on sax trumpet keys guitar accordian. tight rhythm section and the amazing warmth richness and sheer beauty of Raul's voice with high harmonies from Eddie and bgs from the rest So big. So good. Loved the show.

5.0 star rating Darrell and Lucy from Calgary, Alberta


Went last night in Calgary . Have seen their concerts here every time they come to Calgary. Loved the music and the enjoyment they show as they perform. Would have loved a few more old songs but would definitely go again.

5.0 star rating Tony&Mary A. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


They never disappoint,we have seen them at least 12 times since 1995.We really love and appreciate there music.Raul's voice is in the upper 1% of all genres of music,what a gift.The musicians in the band are so good they are second to none.Super energy from the stage to the crowd during there performance is the key to an outstanding unforgettable evening.We have seen just about everyone in concert since the 70's from the top A-listers on down.Mavericks are in our top 10 shows to experience live.check them out you wont regret it.

5.0 star rating Dan from Minneapolis, Minnesota


This was the first Mavericks concert that we've been to.... AMAZING. High energy show and tight sound. The crowd was into it all night. You guys know how to entertain the people.

5.0 star rating Kathy Bielagus from Boston, Massachusetts


The Mavericks are a terrific band and I get get enough of Raul Malo’s voice and his talent at delivering a song, like forgive me heart, goose bumps!! My sister and I had a wonderful time. Everyone was on their feet singing and clapping. The Mavericks never fail to lift your spirits with their amazing musicians who seemed to be having a terrific time playing for us.

5.0 star rating Bob from San Diego, California


The Mavericks are so much fun! Put off that dinner and the bottle of wine and watch real musicians and Raul Malo make a thousand people want to jump up dance in their seats. To me most music sounds the same. The singers sound the same the music is the same blah blah blah. These musicians have fun on the stage and provide a fun evening for everyone with a thumping bass guitar at 80 decibels everybody's rocking. Watch The Mavericks on YouTube first and turn that sound up very loud. In my 74 years I've seen a lot of bands, and I believe you'll be smiling all night long. Lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, concertina, keyboard, two trumpets and a saxophone... Enjoy!

4.0 star rating Larry from Aubrey, Texas


Been a Mavericks fan since they came out with their 1st album, but never really got around to seeing them live until Friday. They did not disappoint. High energy and they are a joy to listen to. If you want anticsgimmicks, this is not the band for you. I've been to 2 shows now at Billy Bob's. Have to say, the sound there just sucks. It's just too cavernous of a place to get good acoustics. (Yes, I know there's been hundreds of acts that play there). Green Day at the Austin amphitheater had a better sound than at Billy Bob's. Highly recommend catching the Mavericks, but try and see them somewhere else other than BB's.

4.0 star rating Dave from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


We are huge Mavericks fans, so they did not disappoint last night! If you've not been to a Mavericks show, be prepared to dance, sing and sweat. Not a "sit in your seat" band. They have so many hits to choose from, they could have played all night. I thought it was strange that Raul yelled at some standing near the stage to "shut the f*** up" but whatever.... The only thing keeping this from a 5 rating was I thought the encore would have been better with some Mavericks hits, although Hungry Heart was done very well!

3.0 star rating Donna feistel from Raleigh, North Carolina


Great band. Raul's beautiful voice was not the center of the show. Certainly I wouldn't recognize them as the original Maverics I knew and loved. How about some of the old songs that I could recognize and really get into. "Garden "Party by Rick Nelson sums it up for me. Hey, no big deal just sayin!

3.0 star rating Wayne from Calgary, Alberta


Great band but their unique blend of vocals, subtle guitars and harmonies were killed by the lousy sound. Way to loud, all bass , background vocals not heard, Raul Malo's wonderful vocal ability was way to loud. Whoever was responsible for the mix missed the mark.

3.0 star rating Harry Diament from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Mavericks are dripping with talent & energy! They had the whole entire audience on their feet for most of the show. My wife & I didn't lose interest throughout the show until this... Apparently there were some people gathered by the stage and were apparently talking loudly. Disrepectful? Absolutely! Raul Malo got on the mike and said "Shut the f*** up...this isn't social hour, I can hear you all the way up here! So, shut the f*** up! At that point, some of the audience applauded, but we were appalled. Part of being a great musician, is remaining professional in ALL aspects! He could've handled that with a lot more class and dignity. Our respect level went way down after that. Not cool! Also, for their encore, they came back out doing other artists songs. If we wanted to hear that, we'd go see the other artists! They had plenty of their own tunes left we would've rather heard. Would we see them again? yes, most likely, but not with the same enthusiasm! Raul, just because you are a star, does not give you Carte Blanche to say and do what you want publicly!

3.0 star rating Russ Christiansen from Tucson, Arizona


Great Band...Great Voices...Poor Choices. Song selection left a lot to be desired. There was not a good balance between new material and great songs from their past. I go to hear those unbelievably great Mavericks' Hits. It's OK to mix in some new stuff, but not all in a row, and for the majority of the show. Raul told a story of someone walking out of his show because he did too many new songs, and sang them in Spanish. Both Languages sound GREAT, but new material was weak and exhausting. Sorry guys, love the band, just not tonight.

3.0 star rating Sandy from Winnipeg, Manitoba


I really enjoy the music of the Mavericks, and I like the mix of songs they did last Saturday. But…I was truly disappointed that it was so loud. I didn’t think the talents of all the band members could be heard because of the volume. So that spoiled the show for me and my family. We are seniors and value our ears so… it was interesting to see them live, especially the young guys on the accordian and trumpets. They were stars in their own right. But can the volume not be lower??

3.0 star rating Greg McCormick from Cincinnati, Ohio


The Mavericks are one of my favorite bands but... I saw them at the Taft during the Pandemic and they were great. At that time, they seemed really excited to be on the road performing again. There was a lot of bantering with and about the band. I was really looking forward to seeing them again this November 2022. They started late and, to me, they went through the motions, sang their songs and left. They seemed to be interested in getting through the show and getting out of there. There was no interaction with the audience other than the usual "how ya doin' Cincinnati. The sound was too loud for the theatre so it was difficult to catch the nuances of the songs. There was no introduction to any songs, new or old. Maybe their long tour is tiring but it seemed like they were "mailing it in". I still love the band but was highly disappointed with the show.

2.0 star rating Anne-Marie Steele from Ottawa, Ontario


I attended the first night of this show, and the sound mix was terrible. We could not hear the lead guitar at all, with the exception of two particular solos. The backup vocals were pretty much non-existent at times and severely lacking in depth most of the time. Malo's electric guitar tone was abrasive and way too loud, particularly given his "beginner" strumming. The "grand" finales of two songs with the band and all the horns playing was a gigantic mess! It was actually comical. When Malo performed a song solo, the coloured lights gave a wonderful ambience but the vocal was ridiculously loud! It could have been amazing but it was awful. He was also incredibly rude to somebody who shouted "Come to Montreal!" A real jerk. Maybe his ego is a factor in the sound mix? Who knows, but I had high expectations and was crushed. For some reason, the encore songs were very good! At least that left the fans on a high, with a positive final impression of the concert. Horn players fabulous!

2.0 star rating Harold Bissonnet from Houston, Texas


I've loved RM since I discovered him on IMUS IN THE MORNING on Fox Business years ago! Just this past Saturday/10/01/2023, was my 1st concert! I enjoyed the old tunes; but FOR GOD'S SAKE, I AM SOMEWHAT HARD OF HEARING, but I may have lost several decibels of of hearing after that event! I can get past that BUT NO RM USING HIS GUITAR AS A PROP! He was making finger motions over the fretboard or below it HIS ENTIRE PERFORMANCE! His voice, as usual was POT ON, WHY TREAT HIS ADORING FAN WITH SO MUCH CHEAP DISREPECT! MY friend an me PAID FOR THE COMPLETE PACKAGE...RAUL!!!!

1.0 star rating Vince from Manchester, NJ


Saw The Mavericks at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park last night. Very disappointed. We left after the 4th song. The band was so loud we couldn't hear anything Raul was singing. Great voice and possibly great show ruined by incompetent sound man.

1.0 star rating Brian Davies from Cambridge ontario


Worst concert I’ve seen or heard for a band that have been around for thirty years maybe they are relying on long past performances.

1.0 star rating Lando from Kansas City, Missouri


They must have thought on the first show, it would be old geezers, so they didn't need to perform. Beatles They started half hour late, and jaw-jacked for 10-minutes. Started very slow and lethargic for an hour; then played 3-ok songs. Left 20-minutes early as well. My sister got me a ticket for my birthday, and was totally humiliated...she saw them before and gave rave reviews....until this pathetic excuse off a show. You can only burn me once!!

1.0 star rating Robin from New York, New York


Saw the show at The Beacon on July 28. It was awful. The sound was too loud and distorted. The many off key mistakes were obvious and the didn’t sound harmonious, more like they were competing with each other. To add insult to injury, lead singer Raul made a very rude comment about their poor performance. He said “ there really isn’t anything you could do about it, we’ve got your money. What an arrogant way to talk to fans!


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