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Alice Cooper Reviews

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Average customer review: 5.0 star rating (4.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 38



5.0 star rating Juanita Cannon from Nashville, Tennessee


Would love to meet him in person. I have been to his Resturant in Phoenix. I have waited since early 70's to see him. Do not have the best seats but well worth it.

5.0 star rating Byron Welch from Pecos, Texas


From the time the lights first went down until the close of the encore - Schools Out - Alice Cooper rocked the house! It seemed to be an older crowd (I'm 60) and there were a bunch of empty seats (we were in a 3rd level box) but there were all ages represented and it sure looked like everyone had fun. What wasn't to like? A tight band, a snake, Frankenstein'svmonster, nasty nurses tormenting a straight jacketed Alice, and a guillitine! Add Nita Strauss, the blonde shredder who had an awesome guitar solo and got the loudest response of any band member. Cooper's drummer was as good as I have ever seen. This is a band that looks to be trying to prove something: gigs around the world at five nights a week through December. I'm proud they made it to Midland. The 14 year old in me said, "Thank You" for checking off this bucket list concert. I'm long past 18, and I like it. Thank You Alice - you delivered!

5.0 star rating Mac Puetz from Calgary, Alberta


Alice Cooper rocked the socks off of everyone within a 50 kilometre radius! He played a great set list alongside his phenomenal band. His performance was fantastically horrifying and entertaining. The band can absolutely rip, Tommy, Ryan, Nita, Chuck, and Glen are amazing musicians. I had no problems the entire time at the venue. Wherever you sat it was a great view, parking was good too. Merchandise available was very good, and, I met Ryan Roxie after the show, and he was very enjoyable and polite to talk to! Definitely come back to Calgary!

5.0 star rating Mike Devries from Grand Rapids, Michigan


I saw Alice Cooper last nite (October 29) at the DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids. An amazing venue. It was the final stop of the tour. An over the top performance by Alice and all the band members and support crew! I first saw Alice in 1969/70 in Grand Rapids. Lots of energy then and last nite was no exception. Thanks Alice for a great show!!!!

5.0 star rating Todd from Grand Rapids, Michigan


5th time seeing Alice and he rarely disappoints his band started off in high gear and never let up, the whole band is super tight you could tell the way Alice moved around the stage that his band had his back and he allowed each and everyone to showcase there own personal talents, hit most of the old standby tunes along with a few new ones. Great to see him bring Frankenstein out of storage! the place was packed with all ages and he had everyone on the feet for almost the whole show, Bonus was it was the last show of the tour! You missed it your lost...

5.0 star rating Maggie from League City, Texas


Went in expecting typical small venue concert, not a lot of hype, OMG!!!! It started off super great and just went up from there! Superior musicians and performance all the way around from Alice of course, the band, wow! Great band..the set, special effects, music, it was all a treat! Lots of tricks too. AMAAAZING SHOW! If you ever have the opportunity to see PLEASE DO, you will not be disappointed!! Would HIGHLY recommend. Thanks Alice for your superb entertainment and KUDOS to the crew as well!

5.0 star rating JD from Richmond, Texas


Nice mix of old and new tunes. Loved it all!

5.0 star rating Gen. Zod from Fort Wayne, Indiana


Funny Story; having seen Cooper back in 1977, I decided to surprise my wife to the march Indy show. Received tickets and hid them away in dresser in late February(thinking along time till April concert). Asked wife to request off late April when April arrived..... I opened the envelope to confirm late april show..........THAT'S RIGHT....I MISSED THE SHOW THAT WAS 3 DAYS EARLIER! so upset. . . later that day wife said he was returning to midwest end of summer. So I bought the Fort Wayne tickets 30 yards from stage in middle. Saturday night so made it was an overnight run up from Indy(1.5 hrs), hit zoo, hit steakhouse. Open sides outdoor theatre, free parking near zoo, only 2300 seat theatre....and a fabulous show. I kept telling my wife "he's 70".... but I felt like was watching same show from 1977. Absolutely great entertainment. Even the preachers out front before show shouting "sinners"! ...............Redemption.

5.0 star rating Happy day. from Minneapolis Minnesota


Just saw Alice Cooper, Paranormal Concert at the wonderful Ordway Theater. The concert was amazing!!! He sings wonderfully, the band was great and the theatrics outstanding. The entire theater was rocking. I can't wait to see him again.... Loved it. A must see show!!!

5.0 star rating Cherie from Vancouver, British Columbia


We loved the show, so much fun, entertaining, never a dull moment!

5.0 star rating Lori from Vancouver, British Columbia


Alice Cooper is fantastic. He is a genius! He put on a great rock n roll show just like he did in the 70's! I love him! Can't wait to see him again.

5.0 star rating Francisco Ruiz from Vancouver, British Columbia


I'd never imagine that my idol from late 70's will give me the best "paranormal evening "of my entire life now when I'm around my 60's , WHAT A TEAM !!! Alice as the Master he has been always , Anita as the most pretty and talented woman , the drummer , the bass guitar ....... everyone did his best , Thank from the bottom of my heart .:););)

5.0 star rating Sandra mullikin from Colorado Springs, Colorado


Wow! What a treat! Good old fashioned Rock and Roll with a fabulous performance by all. The hits kept coming and he puts on a great show. Thank you Alice Cooper & Company. His band is one of the best in the biz. Thank you for the wonderful night out. I felt like I was "18" for a couple of hours-- that's how good he was.

5.0 star rating Vicki from Louisville, Kentucky


Great concert Wish he would've done Welcome to my nightmare or something off go to hell but it was still awesome

5.0 star rating Daniel Blake from South Bend, Indiana


Don’t know any other way to say but that it was an AWESOME old fashion rock n roll concert!!!! I’d see him again in a heartbeat!!!!

5.0 star rating from South Bend, Indiana


We saw him in South Bend last night. We’ve seen him in concert several times, he is still at his best (amazing considering he is 70 years old). His concerts are more than music, it’s a theatrical show.

5.0 star rating Bobby Michael from South Bend, Indiana


It was great to hear some of the older,and more obscure stuff!!!! Great Show! Edgar Winter was great as well!

5.0 star rating Scott Sechtman from Hartford, Connecticut


Alice has not lost his touch. Still puts on a great show.

5.0 star rating Dylan Landerman from Madison, Wisconsin


Classic Alice Cooper. Amazing show.

5.0 star rating LeeAnn Spencer from Peoria, Illinois


Went to see him at the last minute wasnt sure what to expect but we were very impressed with the show! Alot of fun to see him kick ass in Peoria illinois!

5.0 star rating Bruce Cashman from Brooklyn, Wisconsin


The show 07/10/19 at the Sylvee in Madison WI was extremely well done and fun. The setlist was great! The entire audience got along and was really nice to one another: unusual. The music was deliciously loud and everyone sang every song. From the opening chords of 'Feed My Frankenstein" to the final notes of "Schools Out"!!! There was plenty of confetti, balloons, paper feathers, and streamers. It was a true rock celebration. I also greatly enjoyed Nita Strauss playing the lead guitar. She was amazing. Alice was his perfect self: the Vincent Price of Shock Rock. I can't wait to see him again!!!

5.0 star rating Mitzi Durkin from Dallas, Texas


This was my first time seeing him in concert so I can't compare him to past concerts. He sounded great. My boyfriend who has seen him back in the day that his voice hasn't changed much. I loved the theatrics. I will definitely see him again. I loved the 2 opening bands too. I can't say that to most concerts I have gone to.

5.0 star rating Angie K. from Lindenhisrt, Illinois


I had the pleasure of seeing Alice Cooper at The Genesee Theater on Nov 30, 2019. A sold out show! The place was packed not an empty seat in the house. The last time I saw him was in Chicago at Rosemont I think…. I was 18 yrs. old. The opening act was The Babies (one hit wonder Everytime I think of You). At any rate, he blew me away then and then AGAIN 38 yrs. later. Nothing about him has changed and he delivered his music just the way he had 38 yrs. ago. I was stunned! As I sat there and rocked and swayed to his music, it took me back several years and, as I closed my eyes I was able to recapture my youthful years if… only for a moment. I could not help but take in the crowd around me…they were just as engaged in the music as I was. Many of them if not all, looked to be my age. There was the Alice Cooper painted eyes everywhere along with Top hats. Cooper did not disappoint with his theatrical stage and his larger than life presence which dominated the stage. His band members where equally entertaining with their show of talent on their instruments. I could not help but wonder how they must feel sharing the stage with the rock legend. All of whom appeared to be at least 40+ years younger than Cooper. My only disappointment was not hearing him sing “Only Women Bleed” but that’s okay because when he belted out ..I’m 18 and Billion Dollar Baby.. my thirst for hearing him sing those songs was full-filled. Hats off to you Coop baby …thank you for an incredible show….thank you for your gift of music…thank you for taking me back to yesteryear. HUGE LOVE from Illinois.

5.0 star rating Daniel Scott Kilbrethj from Boston, Massachusetts


I've lost count of how many Alice Cooper shows I've seen, but I've never left disappointed or without one of every tee shirt they had! Alice is one of those rarest of performers - you just can't take your eyes off of him from the minute he steps into the spotlight. Always surrounded (not "backed") by gifted musicians, the songs that define a Generation Landslide always have renewed power and energy without losing their familiarity. You'll be 18 for a night..I think you're gonna like it...

5.0 star rating Jackie Nelson-Heuer from San Francisco, California


Gift from my Brother Dean. 2nd row seats! Meet & Greet with Alice. Very nice guy who sat and talked with and posed for pictures. Let's use this as our Christmas card Alice suggested!! My best concert ever!! A night I'll always remember!!

5.0 star rating Russ from Philly from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Fantastic show from start to finish.Alice's voice was clear and strong.He played a lot more songs than I thought they would.The crowd loved every minute.

5.0 star rating Dave from Raleigh, North Carolina


If you wanted to rock, it was the place to be on a pleasant October evening in downtown Raleigh! What can you say? Its Alice Cooper , a consummate showman and expert in great rock n roll! His band was great and the sound was mixed properly. And Ace, well Ace is Ace and was right on point and delivered a hard punch of his awesome talent from both his KISS years and his solo career. Highly entertaining shows, no disappointments. Charlotte get ready, you are next on the list. Wish I could go tonight!

5.0 star rating Vern Hiebert from Winnipeg, Manitoba


His command of the stage and his legendary hits will always be remembered!! He entertained the young and the old with songs that have stood the test of time. I have seen him at least 5 or 6 times during his career and I loved him at 18 and loved him at 64 . I took both of my twins at different times, my daughter at 31 and my son at 35 and they both gave the concert a solid 8.5 would have been 10 if he played longer. I am glad my kids got to experience a true rock legend. Glad to have been a fan for 50 years Rock on Alice !!!

5.0 star rating James from Edmonton, Alberta


Fourth concert, still the best! He has so many songs to try and fit into a concert, but manages a crowd crazy performance every time. His band is fantastic as well. I do wish I could have seen him with his original band , but that said, I hope he returns to Edmonton again.

5.0 star rating George from Calgary, Alberta


Whether you like the music or not they entire band exudes a ton of talent! The show was fantastic and the whole band just meshes. It was a great show and bang for buck is high.

5.0 star rating Judyth Bantz from Hollywood, CA


Oh my gosh, his best show ever and I've seen him 10 times!! His band was incredible! Enjoyed seeing Sheryl again! Love, love, loved him! Danced and sang the whole show!

5.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


From the start to to end the show rocked

5.0 star rating Lynn Sheldon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I was so excited to see Alice Cooper, my 1st time. At Miller High Life Theatre. Didn't like my seats in 3rd section of balcony. Up high but i was not high. Ticketsalesman said they were good seats. Wish I would of sat closer. Alices performance was spectacular and so stimulating I felt I was back in my 20s. Guitar players and drummer were fantastic, especially the blonde female. Alice put on a great, nonstop show!. This concert checked off my bucket list. I WOULD GO AGAIN. Thanks!

5.0 star rating Mike from Spartanburg, SC


What an AMAZING show last night in Spartanburg, SC.. MUST SEE!!!!!

5.0 star rating Andrea from Colorado Springs, Colorado


This was my first Alice Cooper concert. Oh hell it brought back memories of days go by. We bought his CD. I think I wore it out. If he ever came back I would make sure we had front row seats! ROCK ON!!!!

4.0 star rating GARY from Los Angeles, California


I have been lucky enough to see Alice Cooper many times starting in 1975. He is always fantastic live and I never remember coming away disappointed. The show at the Greek was full of his usual theatrics and had lots of hits, buts on this occasion I was very disappointed with the audio. His vocals were way too far down in the mix and I struggle to hear him on several occasions. With today's technology this is unacceptable and the sound engineers should have corrected the problem but never did. Although I was sitting to the left of the stage it shouldn't matter as the acoustics for the venue should be excellent no matter where you are sitting. So I'm sorry for Alice because he was great but the sound engineers should have picked this up and it did affect my enjoyment of what was otherwise another spectacular Alice Cooper show

3.0 star rating Susan Rose from Charlotte, North Carolina


Wasn't that trilled with the set list and the lady guitarist was throwing he band off. Won't see them again. Seen him over 20 times. This by far was one of the worst. His voice was good. But songs were cut short and played much too fast.

3.0 star rating Susan Rose from Charlotte, North Carolina


Wasn't that trilled with the set list and the lady guitarist was throwing he band off. Won't see them again. Seen him over 20 times. This by far was one of the worst. His voice was good. But songs were cut short and played much too fast.


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