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Average customer review: 1.5 star rating (1.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 29



4.0 star rating A fan from Albuquerque, New Mexico


I must have been at a different show than the other reviewers. Granted, I haven’t seen live stand up in years, but she had me laughing out loud for most of the show. I loved her description of how Miami happened, along with the rest of her show. No, she didn’t have one liner “jokes,” but her descriptions and depictions of real life events are what makes her hilarious. And, the Q&A was only supposed to be 5 min, but she went over (so while someone complained about the show starting late, it also ended late). We all (4 of us) had fun!

4.0 star rating Nurani Reed from Sacramento, California


The Sacramento show was dope. I laughed the wrinkles off my balls...

4.0 star rating Joyce from Sacramento, California


Show was funny, people we’re laughing hysterically, but the sound system was bad and I couldn’t hear about half of what she or any of the comics were saying. I think she’s more a comedic actress than a stand-up comic, but she’s just naturally funny so I’m glad I went to the show. If I had any criticism of her performance I’d say it could be improved if she used professional writers (that may include more topical stuff, even. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of current material these days to use! ). With seeing if you’re a fan, as I certainly am!

3.0 star rating Lady M from Watsonville, California


All and all it was a good show. What basically took away from it was the sound system. It was very hard to understand what most of the comedians were saying. Not to mention people coming in late or going back and forth to their seats getting in our way of watching the show. The first comedian was the one we could make out most of what she was saying. The DJs set up was house party type and the music was boring. I laughed from what I could make out of Tiffany Haddish's jokes. We didn't see many people leaving. How many people can get up there and do what these comedians did. The negative reviews hopefully will help to improve her future performances. It wasn't horrible just the format. No one wanted to hear about the lady's cell phone issue or the Tesla or someone yelling "Get back to the jokes." I was more disappointed with the sound system. Please get that fixed.

3.0 star rating Lady M from Watsonville, California


Correction on mine. It was not the SAP Center, it was the Center for Performing Arts in San Jose where Tiffany Haddish performed.

3.0 star rating Dre from Seattle, Washington


I saw the performance at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Website says doors open at 530 but you couldn’t get seated until 645. The show was billed as starting at seven. The DJ played to the crowd in an attempt to get the party started and at about 750 the openers started their routines . The sound system lacked clarity to hear the speakers voices clearly. First up was a lady who just BS’d her way through her warm up but seemed to keep the crowd somewhat entertained. Chris Spencer has been around and delivered a solid traditional standup up. Tiffany took the stage around 9 and chatted with the crowd and shared life experiences some of which got a chuckle some gave the crowd an uncomfortable moan because at times it appears that no actual words were being spoken just a series of mumbles and jumbles. Tiffany is undoubtably a talent in the entertainment industry but if you are expecting an on time polished performance by a season road wary comedian, “she ain’t ready” but if you want to listen to someone tell stories like she is the life at the party at your next BBQ, then this is exactly the show for you.

2.0 star rating Paul from Portland, OR


Portland, OR show 3/16/19 The show started at least 30 minutes late. The MC was funny & worth seeing. The 1st opening comedian was not. Then the MC came on again and riffed for about 20 minutes. Then - we’ll into the show, when everyone clearly expected Tiffany - there is a 2nd opening act! He was the best part of the evening, generating many laughs and doing a more traditional stand-up routine. Finally - at 9:30 - a full 90 minutes after the show was supposed to start, Tiffany took the stage to huge applause. She was a hot mess & mostly wasn’t funny. She rambled and ambled and spent a lot of time talking about herself, but not making people laugh. After a quick hour it was over. I had high expectations - she clearly has shown elsewhere she can be very funny - but she was an expensive, and very protracted & drawn out, disappointment. Major Low-lights: 1. 30+ minutes for the show to actually start, the entire time blasted with a deafeningly loud (albeit entertaining) DJ. THAT is not professional nor respectful of your audience. 2. So many opening acts - one of whom was very unfunny. 3. 90 minutes before the main act takes the stage. 4. Tiffany herself - this wasn’t comedy - I’m not sure what it was - but it wasn’t funny by and large. Save your money & your time.

2.0 star rating Anita from Seattle, Washington


Needs to work on her presentation and her material. Making jokes surrounding her success is ok if it’s one or two, but 90% of your show? It was boring and she spent several minutes throughout the show appearing as if she didn’t know what to say. Completely unprepared. Her standup needs major overhaul. Garbage sorry not sorry 😐

2.0 star rating Ro p from Las Vegas, Nevada


Hubby and I went out to enjoy what we thought would be some good laughs...... NOT at all! we love Tiff but not this night we left early her openings were way funnier than she was. Poor tiff stick to movies hun

2.0 star rating Adoraval Lou from Easton, Pennsylvania


We were very very excited to see Tiffany, despite her bomb on NYE. Girls Trip. Black Mitzvah. She Ready. We were soooo ready to laugh. Thought she would have learned her lesson. In one way she did. She didn’t come out drunk. Nope. Not at all. She GOT drunk while on stage..... and admitted it!!! She never slurred. But her jokes were, by and large, not funny. The ones that made us chuckle were jokes we had heard her do previously (eg, lazy stripper). Honestly, we had real, hard and continuous belly laughs with the MC and the warm up acts. They were excellent!!! Tiff, however, wasn’t. We are still happy that we saw her live. BUT.... We will wait for her next Stand-Up routine on TV or movie to see her again!! PS We thank God we didn’t spend the extra money to meet and greet Too Tipsy Tiff.

2.0 star rating R&L from MGM, National Harbor


Opening acts were good. Hell it should have been called the Godfree tour. She seemed to be under the influence. Last time she will ever get my money from me.

1.0 star rating Marvin Coombs from Austin, Texas


I had read on reviews that her previous stand up was bad, but was slightly interested after reading a new review of her more recent stand up. Unfortunately, it was equally horrible. it didn't feel like she had anything prepared, as she was constantly asking the crowd "any questions" trying to impov and just telling about her life. Was not impressed and left the show early.In fact, I didn't laugh once at any of her immature jokes. She needs a to hire a writer for her jokes, she just wasn't funny. The opening act was better.

1.0 star rating Loren Butler from Richmond, Virginia


Very disappointed in last nights show. Tiffany is a very funny lady but last night left a lot to be desired. The ambiance was nice, the opening acts were funny, but Tiffany was horrible. A lot of people started leaving before the show was even over. The success she’s had in the last year has been phenomenal! But when people come to a comedy show they want to laugh at jokes, not hear about your success in the last three months. Showing gratitude is what she should do but maybe keep it for the tail end or the beginning of the act. Not the entire show.

1.0 star rating Tiffany B from Richmond, Virginia


I love Tiffany Haddish! What happened tonight? I have no idea. When people come to a comedy show they want to laugh. Instead we heard about what’s happened the past three months in her life. I’m proud of my sister and where she’s come from, but she must rethink this act. Her opening acts were better than she was. Very disappointed. In fact my part and I left before the show was over and other people did as well.

1.0 star rating A disapointed fan from Las Vegas, Nevada


Lots of moments of awkward silence. Too much attention given to the hecklers in the crowd, almost as if she needed them to help her with her jokes because she was unprepared. She felt she had to clear the air about what happened in Miami (New Years Eve) using drinking and partying as an excuse. What was her excuse this time? People were walking out before the end. Openers and MC were much better than her. She used her common sense and had eveeyone’s phones locked up for the show so there was no recordings of her lame performance to post on social media. Good luck at The Microsoft Theater in LA next month !

1.0 star rating Laughing on Empty from Las Vegas, Nevada


Went out for a nice night. Wasn’t expecting much out of Tiffany Haddish in terms of standup. Showed started behind schedule. I was hoping for a decent set which we got out of most of the openers. When it came time for Tiffany, she told about 3-4 good jokes and did crowd work for the rest of the show. Which was annoying. I understand crowd work at small open mics for amateur comics but not at an expensive theater show. 45 mins of crowd work with 10 mins of pushing her merch?? Would have been better if she stuck to her set that she mentioned, and maybe promoted her merch in the last minute or 2 with her cause. My disappointment was immeasurable and my night was ruined.

1.0 star rating Garrick from Phoenix, AZ


I am not into the social media sites, so I was not aware of Ms. Haddish’s failed New Year’s Eve show in Miami. Ms. Haddish began her routine discussing what led to her debacle in Miami. Many past and present comedians use failed life experiences to produce incredibly funny monologues. So, I think it was great for Ms. Haddish to try turn the Miami incident into to a source of comedy. The difference is that other comedians have used negative experience to develop comedic stand up routines, Ms. Haddish appeared to simply stand on stage and discuss the details leading up to her failed performance but provided no real elements of comedy to bring about laughs or provide a punch line to her narrative. After she discussed the incident in Miami, which took about 20 minutes, I honestly don’t think that Ms. Haddish had any additional prepared material for her routine. Everything she said after the Miami narrative, seemed to come from the top of her head or she simply fed off of the audience. Ms. Haddish went on to say that she was very bothered or hurt by social media comments that she particularly received from Black men. She noted the many negative comments that seemed to revel in her failure came from Black men. Not sure if Black men have cornered this market on this type of negativity, but I do feel that in today’s world there are far too many television program, social media sites, and etc. that seem to promote and encourage people to laugh at or belittle others, when sympathy and empathy should be shown. People that find enjoy in others failures are just simple minded. However, I think Ms. Haddish should realize, that anyone that took the time to buy a ticket to attend her show, wanted to see and support her. I am a Black male, and this is the category I fell in. On top of that, if you know anything about this woman’s background and what she has overcome, you can’t help but want to support and see her be successful. What is most disappointing is that after the failed show in Miami, Tiffany should have been concerned about having great tour performances from that point on. That is called being a professional. After reading the comments about s Ms. Haddish’s shows in Richmond Virginia, Austin Texas, Albuquerque New Mexico, and Las Vegas Nevada, the show quality does not appear to have improved. I saw the show in Phoenix Arizona in mid February, and people began walking out of the auditorium, slightly passed the mid point of the show. Bottom line, if the audience is required to place all cellphones in a pouch, to avoid any recording of another Miami like debacle………….. Ms. Haddish is obviously not too secure about her product.

1.0 star rating Mike from San Francisco, California


I bought meet and greet tickets to her show the moment they went on sale. My excitement was over the top, Tiffany with a valentines night out with my wife great idea. NOT. The show started late, the opening acts were okay but Tiffany fell apart. She told the New Year’s Eve story, did some lazy stripper dance then lost to a heckler. Tiffany went off on a him and lost the crowd. She burned the heckler appropriately but did not move on with the show. Tiffany just kept going at him in a fit of anger to the point where her staff flagged her down from the side and told her to get on with the show. Too late, the damage was done. She needs better professional coaching or her career will fizzle. Now I know why the entire crowd had to lock our cellphones in bags, they knew she was gonna fail.

1.0 star rating The DJ from San Jose, California


San Jose - Weak performance. The question/answer portion had gotten weird. She’s such and egoist, like do you think you’re the only person who has had struggles? Really? Humble yourself lady. I was there to hear jokes, not listen to some low budget wannabe Tony Robbins motivational, philosophical BS. She should’ve stuck to the script (TELL JOKES). Tighten up your game! Good people spend good money to watch professional acts. THEN, having people’s phones taken when you got inside and placed in bags was strange as well. She is not on that type of level to be taking peoples phones, like her performance was some type of precious secret. MmmHmm. She’s not Kevin Hart status, not even close. Save your money, and just listen to her on YouTube or if she’s lucky, because she’s “famous” now, Netflix will give her a special, but don’t expect something specatular. Her opening acts were worth watching though !

1.0 star rating Diana Champlin from Pleasanton, California


I have loved Tiffany Haddish in her shows and movies. I admire how hard she has worked to overcome her difficult childhood. When tickets came out for the show in San Jose I purchased two VIP tickets to her show with a “Meet and Greet” after the show. I was extremely disappointed with her show. I hardly laughed and was extremely shocked with her attitude. She went after a man who heckled her and she got down right nasty. The man was completely wrong shouting out for her to tell jokes instead of continuing with the question and answer segment. She definitely was not prepared to give a standup show. The show started late, she didn’t do standup very long (which wasn’t funny), and the question/answer segment was bizarre. I would have left early; however, I had the “Meet and “Greet” after the show. She was wonderful and lovely during my personal time with her. I got a photo with her, had her autograph her book for me, she hugged me several times, and apologized for her Bipolar behavior (her words). I left that night feeling better about her. I think she is talented but needs to improve her comedy show and definitely needs to grow thicker skin when people say inappropriate things to her.

1.0 star rating Yohannes from San Jose, California


It was obvious that Tiffany wasn’t prepared; I’m not even being critical. Don’t sell tickets- accept patron’s money, and not deliver a quality show where at a minimum- you’ve prepared some content. She was trying create content using the crowd- Q&A- please save that for meet & greet. Also, the shift from Q&A seemed staged as s man blurted an insult- then the content shifted to Tiffany attacking him. Sad. I’m happy about Tiffany’s success...but this stand up tour is not a success. Get writers: prepare content. You don’t have to be the greatest- but people can tell when you’re not prepared.

1.0 star rating Monique Johnson from Antelope Valley, California


It was a horrible show and she talked about her coouchie the entire night,. Its like she didnt really have things planned or really READY!!! I love her overcoming background but she was just horrible. Also I HATE THAT she CURSES everyone at the end, that is SOOOOOO STUPID!!! Bless people with good things since thats what your doing but its not funny its really stupid. The acts at the beginning were pretty cool but her show was garbage. Dont waste your money maybe in 10 years, once shes grows up a little I might see her again but for now I feel like I wasted my time and money.

1.0 star rating Shawn Webster from Portland, Oregon


I read the poor reviews in other cities only after purchasing our tickets. I was optimistic hoping that her Portland show would be better, that she would of made adjustments!! It’s insulting that the only adjustment she made to her show, was having us put our cell phones in a locked case, so we wouldn’t have proof of the garbage we PAID to endure!! She wasn’t funny, I actually think I nodded off a few times. Some people left before the show was over! She robbed us, and didn’t pretend to care, she was on stage buying time! Don’t waste your money!

1.0 star rating Sandy Vroman from Portland Oregon


What a monumental disappointment! We were at the Keller Auditorium in Portland Oregon. She came on after 3 or 4 "comedians" did racist rants for about an hour and a half. The show was to start at 8:pm. Haddish came on closer to 10:pm. The sound was awful. You couldn't understand all she was saying. Must have been a bad mike. It was certainly a bad night and a colossal waist of time and money!

1.0 star rating Ross Girgis from Portland, Oregon


show was to start at 8PM .. 4 opening acts??? that were stupid, ignorant, unfunny performances to kill time till SHE decided to come on stage almost 2 hours late .. we needed up walking out half way through her performance .. bodily fluids and bathroom jokes .. that is not comedy - that is ripping your ex-fans off ... 1 trick pony. her lates films bombed .. only 1 good movie and i good TV special. never again ..

1.0 star rating Lynnetta from Seattle, Washington


Super disappointing struggle to hear all of the acts. Bits and pieces only. I don't understand? I've seen acts of all kinds at The Paramount including Faye Dunaway in Master Class. You can hear a pin drop. So we ended up leaving early we just couldn't hear her.

1.0 star rating LemonZ from Seattle, Washington


Her show did not start on time. With all of the world events going on and all she could talk about was herself? Really?? Not funny at all I seen her is Las Vegas and thought I'd give her another opportunity in Seattle. Nope she can't make it as a comic.

1.0 star rating Sandy from Las Vegas, Nevada


Please work with a writer!

1.0 star rating Mae from Las Vegas, Nevada


Cmon girl u weren’t READY for the show at all! U look tired as heck .! No energy . Got tickets front row and all you did was asking questions from the crowd.?! Vegas is A entertainment capital of the world meaning u gotta give your Best .! No hate on this just facts .. wish you all the best tiff . #fellasleepbtw #openingactswasbetter


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